Through The Wormhole S01E04 What Happened Before The Beginning

through the wormhole s01e04 what happened before the beginning Video / Discovery Channel / TV Shows

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  • Jul 2010

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Every cosmologist and astronomer agrees: our Universe is 13.7 billion years old. Using cutting-edge technology, scientists are now able to take a snapshot of the Universe a mere heartbeat after its birth. Armed with hypersensitive satellites, astronomers look back in time to the very moment of creation, when all the matter in the Universe exploded into existence. It is here that we uncover an unsolved mystery as old as time itself — if the Universe was born, where did it come from? Meet the leading scientists who have now discovered what they believe to be the origin of our Universe, and a window into the time before time.
Genre............: Documentary
Channel..........: Science HD
Filesize.........: 432 MB
Runtime..........: 44:30
Video Codec......: DIVX
Video Bitrate....: 1200 Kb/s
Audio Codec......: MP3
Audio Bitrate....: 196 Kb/s, 2 channel
Frame Size.......: 624 x 352 pixels
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